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Client Solutions

Below are illustrative examples of the services we have provided. If you have a particular matter requiring attention, please feel free to contact us so we can explore if and how we may assist.

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Commercial Finance
SME business

Self-employed individual

Individual wishing to establish new business in retail food industry required start-up capital.

Services involved:

  • review of person's existing financial information and business plan including forecast setup costs and cash-flow requirements
  • review of persons existing financial arrangements in terms of existing debt facilities
  • preparation of application involving consolidation of existing debt facilities and additional funding for business establishment

Wealth Management

Divorcee spouse

Spouse engaged in divorce proceedings required financial assistance

Our work included:

  • preparation of personal plan to understand financial needs used to assist divorce settlement proceedings;
  • preparation of financial plan considering use of settlement proceeds against personal needs and requirements
  • preparation of application for funding purchase of home
  • preparation and execution of an investment strategy and asset allocation to fund living expenses

Consumer Finance

Married couple with children

Family enduring financial stress relating to new home construction and education expenses

Serviced delivered covered:

  • review of existing debt arrangements involving several loans, multiple credit cards and outstanding tax obligations
  • preparation of finance application consolidating credit card debt and restructuring of loans
  • liaising with accountants to address outstanding debts through payment arrangements

Wealth Management
SME business

Diversified entrepreneur

Entrepreneur with multiple businesses had established an self managed superannuation fund which was under-performing.

Work undertaken
  • assessment of existing debt arrangements and restructuring of same to lower cost of capital
  • preparation of financial plan involving listed equity asset allocation and structured borrowing arrangement to fund purchase of commercial property;
  • retirement gap analysis and creation of debt repayment and superannuation contributions plan

Commercial Finance
SME business

Property developer

Land developer and residential home builder with $40m turnover required funding for a joint venture land acquisition and subdivision

Services involved:

  • assistance with preparation of feasibility for external finance purposes
  • assistance with preparation of application requirements including quantity surveyor reports, valuations
  • evaluation of potential bank lenders, preparation of application and review of discussion papers ;
  • review of documentation for execution by property developer

Wealth Management Individual

Spouse of executive

Spouse of executive suffered unforeseen traumatic event resulting in early retirement of spouse and full-time care for executive.

Services delivered included:

  • assisted with drafting and implementation of powers of attorney
  • consolidated banking arrangements and created personal budget forecasting requirements
  • establishing self-managed superannuation fund which received lump sum disability payouts and structured one-off superannuation contributions;
  • prepared and executed an investment strategy and asset allocations