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During the 2000s, Madison Partners (a CPA firm providing tax, accounting and advisory services) underwent significant structural and operational changes following the appointment of Principals with global big-four professional services skills and experience.

Two associated organisations were established through which specialist consulting (VSOPP Advisory) and wealth management and financial broking services (VSOPP Financial) are provided.


Around 2005, VSOPP Financial appointed an experienced ex major bank director and expanded its capability and capacity relating to finance broking services.

Concurrently, the firm worked closely with Madison Partners refining its wealth management service offerings to better leverage reflect VSOPP Financial's core vales which are reflected in the Company's "Points of DIfference".

VSOPP Financial relocated from East Melbourne to Richmond and now operates from dedicated offices


The Directors believe that with the firm's existing infrastructure and human capital, it is well positioned to deliver its stated value proposition to selected clients within the firm's target markets. 

Our culture

Value proposition

Our value proposition is based around our points of difference - independent objective advice using a multi-disciplinary approach that provides range and flexibility delivered as a low cost personalised service .

Core values

VSOPP Financial has adopted a number of core values essential to establishing and maintaining an advisor relationship founded on personal and professional trust. These are:

  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Objectivity and Transparency
  • Commitment and Reliability
  • Knowledge and Excellence
  • Security and Privacy

Small firm style

We believe that the positive characteristics of small firms better promote our core values and better position us to deliver our value proposition to our clients. We:

  • operate a relatively flat business structure where our clients are always dealing with licensed directors

  • tailor our services to address our client's specific requirements

  • provide fee estimates and with financial planning in particular, adopt a bias towards fee for services rather than commissions.

Personnel and Technology


The cornerstone to our success is establishing and maintaining an advisor relationship founded on personal and professional trust.

Accepting that many professional service organisations have competency, we recognise that our culture is the most potent differentiator and plays a large role in our firm's success.

We are therefore always interested in people who believe they may be the right fit for VSOPP Financial. If you believe you may be suitable for Madison Partners, please contact us via the link below.

Along with your resume, be sure to include a covering letter highlighting your skills and personal attributes, how they may be relevant to our firm and your remuneration expectations.

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The firm is historically an early adopter of proven technology and has developed proprietary intellectual property to facilitate the provision of services.

Presently, VSOPP Financial has access to leading financial planning software and accesses digital content libraries provided by leading content/information publishers, investment research organisations as well as professional bodies and associations.